Virat Kohli Flying Kiss To Anushka In India VS Sri Lanka Match


Well we hear daily new things about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s love story new things and many controversies and many times have been observed to Secret date both of them.

But this time Virat done openly kiss to Anushka Sharma in front of everyone during the India Vs. Sri Lanka match.

On this Sunday Virat Kohli did what, which Indian players did not do usually abstained on the field. As soon as Virat finished his fifty in the match, he warmly greeted the audience. During this Anushka Sharma stand up on seat and emboldened to Virat Kohli.

So Virat Kohli off his helmet and and through a flying kiss by his bat to Anushka. Seeing all that surprised everyone in the ground. Out of the ground all the eye rests upon Anushka, when Kohli scored his fifties and during this flying kiss complete ground echoed with applause.

Virat broke the record of Viv Richards. They needed 50 runs to reach the record. When Virat raised his excellent 53-run innings half-century so Anushka Sharma stnd up from seat and emboldened to Virat Kohli after Virat Kohli done a flying kiss to Anushka in match field.

Virat and Anushka