Vinod Khanna Became A Father Of SRK After Salman Khan


Veteran actor Vinod Khanna, Who played Salman Khan’s father And now will look to play the role of SRK’s father.

Latest news that in Rohit Shetty’s movie has been signed for the role of srk’s father. being told that it will be an action-comedy film.

Vinod Khanna are going to first work with Shahrukh. He is a major character in the film, who moves story forward And Rohit wanted a strong personality like Vinod Khanna, who can easily play it.

Vinod Khanna was narrated script before the week, And he was immediately accepted. He is In the role of a strict father in the film.

Coming in hearing, that kajol going to work in the film opposite Shahrukh and Kabir Bedi will play the role of kajol’s father in this film.

In this film Kriti Sanon has been signed opposite varun Dhawan. The film will be started in Goa on April.

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