A Viewer Hit A Slap To Gauhar Khan During The Show


During the television reality show, in audiences a viewer hit a slap to actress Gauhar Khan. He was anger with Gauhar Khan for her short clothes and mini dresses. Police arrested him.

According to sources on Sunday during the reality show India’s Raw Star show shooting at set a viewer, name Akeel slap to Gauhar Khan. He did say that being a Muslim woman like Gauhar Khan should not wear short dresses.

After this incident Gauhar went in her makeup van for relax and after some time Gauhar Khan returned for shooting and also declared the India’s Raw Star reality show winner to Rituraj Mohanty.

After the show Gauhar Khan went and on this incident, she informed to police and police arrested to Akeel. Police registered a case under Section 323 of the IPC, 354 and 506 against Akeel and today police presented to him in court.

Senior Inspector Vilas Chauhan said that,”The accused was coming on shooting for the past three days, as a viewer.” And he slap to Gauhar during the show shooting.

During this incident music composer Sajid said, he shocked by this incident. He said, how a viewer can slap to a celebrity on the stage. And I don’t understand, what was doing the  security. But Gauhar Khan is a brave girl after this incident Gauhar return on shooting set for complete the shooting.

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