This Time Two Team Could Win World Cup 2015 Trophy


Cricket World Cup is going to start soon. Just 93 days left in start World Cup. You will be surprised to know that this time the two teams that could be the World Cup winner. This time two teams can share World Cup trophy.

Actually this time Super Over will not use in ICC World Cup 2015. It’s means that if there is a tie in the final match between final’s team, so both teams will be declared winner and will share World Cup trophy both teams.

In addition to rain or any other reason, the final match to be canceled is not a reserve day. This means that both teams will be handed over to the World Cup trophy.

And also will use GRS in ICC important decisions. It’s mean that I do not agree with with the decision of match-field so captain may be sought by Drs

 Official Launch of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015