All Three Of Us Should Marry With Each Other: Shahrukh Khan


Recently in a press conference, Bollywood King Khan Shahrukh Khan passed a very funny statement. SRK said he, Aamir and Salman should marry among themselves.

Shah Rukh Khan’s friends asked that what he will ask to salman to get married. Khan said that, ‘Yes, I will say to Salman for married, but I say that we should get married to each other.

Shahrukh Khan also attended Arpita’s wedding reception and Shahrukh danced with Salman in this party. Shahrukh said about patch up with Salman on Arpita’s wedding. SRK said, often we think about relationship but the truth is somewhat different.

We have much respect for each other’s family and we wish to bring happiness to both groups at home. Shahrukh said, Salman is my very good friend Salman is undiminished in my relationships. We are both Pathan. But the important thing was that my sister (Arpita) got married, and we were both happy. And Salman is my best friend.

Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir