Team India Definitely Play In Final Of 2015 ICC World Cup


After seeing the 2015 ODI World Cup team and the team reached the finals of the confidence expressed expectations. Being told the team to reach the final of the 2015 World Cup, this time to decide! by Statistics.

In terms of the history of the World Cup, Indian team in the history of the World Cup finals three times so far has played and managed to win the title twice before losing the World Cup for India is considered good luck.

1983 India captain Kapil Dev tell you that winning the World Cup for the first time. That win was enough to win the World Cup defeat risen team only brought good luck to.

20 years after winning the final of the World Cup, India captain Sourav Ganguly finals but suffered defeat by Australia. Even before the World Cup defeat to India proved to be good luck.

After 8 years after the Indian team in the World Cup final, and this time made Dhoni & Co India World Champions. 2011 World Cup before losing to South Africa, but good luck to meet again after the defeat, India won the final.

Team India