SRK Left His 25 year Career behind “fan” Shooting


Shah Rukh Khan is enjoying plenty of shooting director Maneesh Sharma’s ‘Fan’. This part is quite challenging for the Bollywood superstar. Manish eight years associated with the film.

Khan says to find himself again with despite being so much respect in order And even when his favorite style.

Khan said on phone from Mumbai, ‘It is interesting that “Fan” working in all my films seen by everyone.

They are my biggest fan but when I act in my way then he says … no … no … u’ve already done it. Please try a little modify and Aese. For me it was like going to school again. So, I have completely settled in “Fan”.

‘He said,’ When you are done for 25 years, then you have to try their talents in every field are usually. Some aspects of his talent is really interesting to look again before you did. ‘