Sanjay Dutt’s Furlough Increased, Returned To Home News Watch


Pune’s Yerwada sentenced to five years in prison serving Sanjay Dutt’s 14 days Payroll more increased. A few days ago Bollywood film actor Sanjay Dutt demanded fourteen days leave from jail yes Sanjay Dutt applied for some days leave from jail.

And He freed 14 days from the jail. And yesterday his 14 days payroll finished but he did not surrender his payroll increased more 14 days and he returned to home.

Prison and the police department not being a decision on to go to jail Sanjay Dutt, so Sanjay Dutt behalf of took advantage returned home on Thursday. The Maharashtra government has now accepted his application.

Sanjay Dutt was released on a 14-day leave of furlough by Pune’s Yerawada Central Jail authorities on December 24 last year.

Even before, Sanjay Dutt taken one month leave in 2013 year for his treatment and Sanjay Dutt was in trouble for his again and again leave from jail so Government gave order to investigation.

Sanjay Dutt political blow off the case. Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council Dhananjay Munde, citing political negligence has demanded the resignation of Interior Minister. However, legal experts questioned the actors are getting to leave.

According to lawyer Abha Singh, Bombay prison and furlough Section 2 of Rule -1959 clearly as a prisoner furlough for 14 days (from prison leave) may be. In terms of increasing the discharge stream -13 DIG says that prison is the right to increase 14-day vacation. Thus the right to DIG, then send it off to any application, the Home Minister should not need to.

Sanjay Dutt