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Sanaa Bhambri is a left handed Indian former Professional tennis player was born in 7 March 1988 in New Delhi, She was won one $25,000 ITF doubles event at Lagos, Nigeria in 2005. Bhambri won 2 ITF single titles and 12 doubles titles.

Personal Life :- Sanaa Bhambri was born in 7 March 1988 in New Delhi. Bhambri’s has a sisters and brother Ankita and brother Yuki have been tour-level tennis players. She has cousins Prerna Bhambri and Prateek Bhambri who also play on the Indian circuit.

Career:- Sanaa won a triple crown at the 2004 DSCL National Championships held in Delhi- in Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles and Girls’ Under 18s singles. She is the youngest Indian to achieve the feat.

Age : 26 years old

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