Salman Khan Sailed To Court Proceed Hit And Run Case


Bollywood actor Salman Khan running over hit and run case proceed today in Mumbai. And Salman Khan has sailed to court from house.

Court was postponed last date of Salman’s case proceed becouse when was marriage of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita. But today Court will announce the decision about Salman Khan’s Hit and Run case.

Salman made a request in court for postpone the date of case proceed so Court was postponed the case proceed date to December 3. And today Court will forward case proceed on Salman Khan’s hit and run case.

Salman Khan’s Land Rover car rammed into a shop, killing one person and injuring four others sleeping on footpath on September 28, 2002.

December five judge since 2013 and ordered a re-trial is being heard. Salman found the accused may have a maximum of ten year prison term.

salman khan in court