Salman Khan with Jacqueline at 3 o’clock in night


Sajid Nadiadwala’s recently blockbuster release “Kick” film gave a new romantic couple as Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez on silver screen. But according to reports the pair is very close to each other in real life.

The buzz is that Salman likes Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline and he loves her. But both artists avoid speaking about their relationship in media.

According to recent speculation Salman Khan and Jacqueline had gone to meet a friend at three o’clock in the night. . According to reports, Salman’s friends were shocked by such a night together. Moreover, the new partner of Salman, Jacqueline is often seen at Salman’s home late at night.

Salman has indicated that he will not marry but if he gave name of relationship with Jacqueline so the most joy to their fans.