Salman Khan Clashes With DM In Rajasthan, DM Stopped The Shooting


Nowadays Salman Khan busy in shooting of his starrer upcoming film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in Rajasthan. But suddenly the film was a snag and the film’s shooting delay for some time.

Actully the matter is that, District Magistrate requested to Salman Khan for photos with him but Salman Khan denied for photo with DM.

What was then, the collector got angry and stopped the shooting of the film. But then Salman had to listen to the collector and shoot a photo shoot with her family till half-hour.

According to reports, the film was shooting in the district kumbhalgarh of Rajasthan. To see the shooting of the film local district collector KC Verma reached the spot with his family. Verma wanted to be photographed with Salman Khan, but Salman denied the photo shoot.

Angered by Salman, DM Verma ordered to stop shooting immediately. Salman seeing off film agreed to be photographed with DM. Then Salman photographed with DM the whole family for the next half hour.

Salman Khan