Shahrukh Khan Wants To Show In “Dhoom 4”


Shaharukh Khan has Participated in more films of Yash Raj banner  and Shaharukh is not  any averse to joining with popular “Dhoom” franchises . John Abraham, Hritik Roshan And Amir Khan has role of villain in Dhoom Series.

Shaharukh Khan say yes, Whether asked to Shaharukh would be like to a vallain in Dhoom 4. Shaharukh says, “now i am working in Yash Raj film “fan” and i want to work in Dhoom 4 whenever i got the chance in this film, and i like this film”.

The first ‘Dhoom’ was released in 2004. Shaharukh says that “ I was very impressed with “Dhoom” Series And Aditya Chopra had ever before me ‘Dhoom’ did not offer. ” May, of course he will Offer to make a splash in front of me, then always i wiil say yes.

Recently Shaharukh Khan through a party for successful of his film recently released Film “Happy new year”. Shaharukh is a Ultimate Star of bollywood, that’s why shaharukh Khan is king of king in bollywood.

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