S. Sreesanth Will Start Films Career With “Cabre” Pooja Bhatt’ Film


Cricket S. Sreesanth, who was caught in spot fixing case will start films career with “Cabre” Pooja Bhatt’ next film is going to start his film career. Yes you heard right S. Sreesanth will start films career with “Cabre” Pooja Bhatt’ Next Film will play a important role in Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming film Cabre.

Pooja Bhatt sign to Srisant in her film Cabre for a key role and Bollywood bold and sexy actress Richa Chadda will play title role of Cabaret Girl in Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming film “Cabre”.

According to sources, Srisant agreed for this film and took 5 crore singning amount for the film. Noted film maker kaustav Narayan will direct to this film.

Richa in the film is not only cabaret tradition, but it will be a great Dramatic Actress in the film. Pooja said to his brother Rahul Bhatt for trained to Richa. She says, “He is a fitness trainer. He will prepare accordingly vigorously to Richa for this role.

Film’s executive producer Sonu Lakhani suggested the name of Srisant for this role in the film. Cabre film’s shooting will began in January 2015.

sreesanth in pooja bhatt's film