Puneet Issar Come Out From Big Boss 8


Even today, some View is the same story of the luxury Budget Task. Talking about the behavior of the family members will have the Karisma. The ‘Big Boss’ will give them the task of unchi hai building.

These are further divided in two groups. Sonali, Gautam, Preetam and Puneet in Team A while Arya, Sushant  Karisma, Ali, Diandra and praneet in Team B, In this task a team will make the wooden block tower and Rotating wheel member of these team, But the second team members will be lending their attention.

In these task Puneet become angry and he used this power for moved to Aryans. Because of this phenomenon, task stopped in midway. After Big Boss disqualified to puneet, and asked to pack your bags.

Puneet Issar