Priya: The Charming Girl Of India Release Date, Cast (2015) Bollywood Film


Priya: The Charming Girl Of India is a 2015 upcoming Indian drama film directed by Ken Ghosh and the film produce by Aamir Khan.

The film’s cast Ekaterina Antonova, Anuja DSutta, Rohan Kapoor and many more. The film’s story the film opens where they shows a girl running to safer her life from some of the people running before him with guns. She frnds a house to safe her life.

It was a house of Army officer (Aamir Khan). She tells Aamir Khan about how some Russian merchants were about to kill her. They killed her parents by firing the house while she was out for her cooking classes.


  • Ekaterina Antonova as priya
  • Anuja Dutta as Kareena Kapoor Khan
  • Rohan Kapoor as Ali Khan
  • Madhu Roy as Amrita Rao
  • Sandhya Faria as Vidya Balan
  • Jay Kumar as Nikhil
  • Arjun Dogra as Rahul
  • Maria Karpova as Oksana
  • Julia Karpova as mother of Priya
  • Anand Singh as Director
  • Tatyana Melnikova as Teacher
  • Veronica Poroshina as TeacherSoundtrack

Directed By:- Ken Ghosh

Produced By:- Aamir Khan

Release Date:- The film’s schedule to release in theaters on 18 December 2015