Poonam pandey celebrated India’s Victory like this |


New Delhi, World Cup, cricket and Poonam Pandey has a long association. Between India and South Africa once again during matches in Melbourne Poonam Pandey’s headlines. Poonam was excited about the match and was constantly tweet and fall of the wicket was Photo Share.

India’s victory in the World Cup promises to take off their clothes to become a trained actress Poonam Pandey.

By Ttyt Poonam asks, “Please! Do you want me to do?” Many people using #poonampandeykobulao on Twitter to keep their bold opinions,

Hashtags are different opinions on this Tvitroti, and played some of the beauties of the lunar cycle is praised to the extent that some of the fears that South Africa also Poonam. Some of the old double the demand, Poonam Pandey promises made during the 2011 World Cup … that Poonam take off your clothes.

Poonam Pandey some hot photographed on India’s victory….

pooam 5

poonam 1

poonam 2

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