PK Transistor Will Be Sold In Crores And Actual Price 227 Rupees Something


Aamir Khan’s nude poster in film PK and in this nude poster Aamir nude poses with a transistor and notable thing that this transistor will sold in hefty amount in crores online and this transistor actually price something 227 rupees.

And now news that Hearing that the transistor is an online bid, which received offers for half crore. While being told that it was bought for Rs 227 in Mumbai was just black market. The film’s spokesman confirmed the news and said, “We are the transistor offers enough money.”

But Aamir Khan does not like the idea of selling the transistor. A source said, “Aamir feel that important thing to their role should not be given to anyone.”

One marketing team is trying to convince to Aamir and the other side of the main actress Anushka Sharma said to film director Rajkumar Hirani for kept the transistor as preserve.

Well, now it will be interesting to see whether they are sold transistor or kept safely as a memory.