PK Film Poster hurdle for Aamir Khan


Bollywood Star Aamir Khan’s Upcoming Bollywood film Pk Poster become a volumetric mischance and kicked up a quite storm. The poster is trapped in some Legal cases because of it’s pornography (Amir Khan Is Nude in This poster there is a musical instrument that covers only his manhood)  in Indore, Kanpur opposed to this poster.

A similar poster was released in 1973 by Quim Barreiros a Portuguese musician to promote his Musical album. In that poster, Quim was also standing same like Amir khan.

As we recall that Aamir Khan’s Previous blockbuster Film Doom 3 came in similar disputes and broke all records of Box-office Earning. It is being said that this is a Publicity stunt to make hits like Doom 3. God Know how much it is true but If this rumor is true we have to Admit that Amir Khan is Realy a Perfectionist.

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