Mirage Release Date, Cast 2015


Mirage is an upcoming English and Hindi language crime drama film directed by Raghav Murali and produced by Z. Hossain. The film stars Monica Dogra, Rahsaan Islam, Kal Parekh, and Sorab Wadia in pivotal roles.

After watching Simanaheen in theaters, Z. Hossain approached Rahsaan Islam to cast the latter in a film they would make together.

The producers had a desire to work with Monica Dogra ever since the release of her Star World television show The Dewarists and were able to cast her in the lead role of Mirage.

Shooting for Mirage began in June 2014 in New York City. The film is loosely inspired by true stories of the NYPD, FBI, and CIA’s use of Muslim informants

Cast :-

  • Monica Dogra
  • Rahsaan Islam
  • Kal Parekh
  • Sana Serrai
  • Sorab Wadia

Producer :- Z. Hossain

Director :- Raghav Murali

Release Date :- This Film Release on  8 May 2015