Love Shagun Release Date, Cast 2016 Hindi Film


Love Shagun is an upcoming Romantic/Comedy Hindi film directed by Saandesh Nayak. The film’s starring Anuj Sachdev, Nidhi Subbaiah, Vikram Kochhar, Manit Joura, Taran Bajaj, Shamin Manna and Simpy Singh.

Love Shagun is a romantic comedy film about seven different of love where the definitions are the characters themselves. The film encompasses the menial insecurities of today’s youth and different emotional scenarios.

The film is going to release in theaters on 26th  February  2016.


  • Anuj Sachdeva as J D
  • Nidhi Subbaiah as Tia
  • Manit Joura as Sandy
  • Vikram Kochhar as Deepak
  • Taran Bajaj as Sumit
  • Shamin Mannan as Shama
  • Simpy Singh as Moon

Directed By:- Saandesh Nayak

Release Date:- The film’s schedule to release in theaters on 26th February 2016.

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love shagun


love shagun