KRK Now Twitted Disputed Statements About Obama On Twitter, Watch Full News


Famous for his disputed statements, famous actor Kamal Rashid Khan always live in controversies for his controversial disputed statement about B town celebs on the twitter.

But this time KRK trapped in a very big controversy and this time he tweeted disputed statement about President of America Barak Obama. Recently Barack Obama came in India on the 66th Republic Day.

KRK said on tweeter that, he hates Obama and said in tweeter that, I hate you Barack Obama sir because you told Shahrukh Khan’s famous dialogue and not told my dialogue 2 RsPpl “Ye Do Kodi Ke Log”.

So I hate you Barack Obama, KRK tweeted on the twitter. Recently in India tour, Barack Obama told famous dialogue of Shahrukh’s film DDLJ “Bade Bade Shero Me Asi Choti Choti Baate Hoti Rehti Hai Senorita” in his speech.

So KRK felt bad and tweeted a disputed statement on Twitter about Barack Obama.