Kohli Can’t Give Flying Kiss To Anushka In World Cup 2015


Now Anushka Sharma will not be able to do cheer up to Team India and her boyfriend popular team India’s player Virat Kohli in the cricket ground.

And on this cheer up of Anuska, Virat Kholi replies with flying kiss to Anushka Sharma. But now Virat Kohli cannot give flying kiss to Anushka Sharma in, going to start 2015 ICC World Cup match.

This will not be able, just because of Anushka Sharma’s first home production film NH10. Actually Anushka Sharma’s starrer and also first house production film NH10 is going to release in theaters in this month.

And Anushka is busy in the promotion of NH10 so she will not go to see world cup match and also report is that after the promotion of NH10 Anushka Sharma will busy in other upcoming projects so she will not able to go in 2015 ICC World Cup Match .

Anushka will leave start up almost half the tournament, but after ‘NH10’s release she will surely go to see the World Cup and will cheer up to her boyfriend Virat Kohli in the cricket ground.

NH10 is going to release in theaters on 6th March. And The 2015 Cricket World Cup will be the 11th Cricket World Cup, scheduled to be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand from 14 February to 29 March 2015.


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