Kapil Sharma Refused To Offer SRK Show India Puchega- Sabse Shaana Kaun ?


According to news channel View Kapil refused to come to the show, citing.

Bollywood’s King Khan Shahrukh Khan are going to return to the small screen once again. Soon his new show on TV India Puchega- Sabse Shana Kon? “Is about to begin. News at the show as a guest actor Kapil Sharma wanted to call but Kapil refused to come on the show.

Kapil said his channel Colors another Kanptishn not allowed to show, the reason he will not come to show.

Representatives Kapil decision that he said it and want to be part of the show or not, and can not do anything about it.

This show will a quiz show. Even before Shahrukh Khan hosted quiz shows like- Kya Aap Pachvi Pass Se Tej Hai, Fauzi, Sakas and popular show Kaun Banega Carorepati and now once again shahrukh is returning on the small screen with a new television show Sabse Shaana Kaun? on & television channel.