Once Again Kangna Ranaut Will Be Soon Show Her Power In Hansal Mehta’s Film


Once again queen Kangna Ranaut will show her power. Means Kangana Ranaut once again is going to play oriented role in the Director Hansal Mehta’s a new film.

Even before, Kangana Ranaut has played a very important role and the her role in film Queen, very appreciated by the audiences in India and also in the Foreign countries and now she will be soon seen to play a oriented role in this Hansal Mehta’s new project.

Yes, Director Hansal Mehta will soon direct to a film and Kangana Ranaut will play lead role in the film. Hansal will direct a woman-oriented film.

According to sources, director Hansal Mehta contacted with Kangana for the film and Kangana liked the film’s story and Kangana Ranaut told yes for this film.

And a few days ago, Kangana Ranaut also like Woman-Oriented films so I say yes for Hansal Mehta’s a new film.

Kangna Ranaut 2