Hrithik Roshan will not go into any Reality Show to promote “Bang Bang”


The news that Hrithik Roshan will not go into any Reality Television show for promote his upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’.

Sources said, Hrithik has full confidence in his film and therefore they will not promote it on any TV reality show. Hrithik feel that his film is made amazing and it does not need to go on a TV reality show for publicity.

Hrithik’s ‘Bang Bang’ is to be directed by Siddharth Anand. Film Bang Bang is the Hindi remake of Cameroon Diaz and Tom Cruise’s hollywood movie “Knight and Day”.

Like Bang Bang movies like to no need to promote through reality TV shows. The film’s teaser and promo work has been substantial and has awakened curiosity about the film in Hrithik Roshan’s fans.

Before Amir Khan have the same tactics for his film Dhoom 3 and despite that, it became Bollywood’s most successful film.