Hot & Erotic ‘B A Pass’ Director Ajay Bahl’s Next Title Is ‘Story’


After surprised to audiences with hot & erotic film B.A. Pass, now the film’s director Ajay Bahl is ready for his next project. Yes now Bahl is ready to direct his second film.

Director Ajay Bahl says, “It is a film entitled ‘Story’ about the adventures of a crime reporter. It is a political thriller set in Delhi. The protagonist is a crime journalist.”

And B A film’s star actress Shilpa Shukla, who was last seen in embarrassing comedy film Krazy Kukkad Family she also will star cast in next Story.

Ajay Bahl also said that “I’ve just finished the script. The ink is yet to dry. I’ve a few names on my wish list”. Ahay is yet to decide who will play the protagonist in the film.

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