Harry Baweja Will Direct To Harman Baweja Again After “2050 Love Story”


Harry Baweja has direct to his son Harman Baweja in film 2015 Love Story opposite Priyanka Chopa and now according to sources news that, Harry Baweja once again will direct to his son Harman Baweja in next film.

Now a day, Harry Baweja celebrating success of his film Chaar Sahibzaade and he said, yes I will direct my next film with son Harman Baweja.

Harman Baweja debut in Bollywood was the sci-fi romance Love story 2050 produced by his mother Pammi Baweja and directed by his father Harry Baweja.

He says, “I did not expect the audience to such reaction. I am happy that people like my film and what I want. “Four Sahibjade” was released on November 6.

Harry Baweja will direct to harman baweja