Gautam Gulati Became New Captain In Bigg Boss House And P3G Group Broke


After many week Gautam Gulati finally made new captain in Bigg Boss house. Gautam try to be captain from many weeks but there were so many problems in the house so Gautam were not able to become but now Gautam has made new captain of the house.

But Gautam became captain but then are not ready to listen to any of his family members. Even his friends Praneet and Pritam are not with him. Yesterday was a fight between Gautam Gulati and Praneet and P3G Group (Praneet, Pritam, Puneet and Gautam) broke.

And Pritam said, he will not any work with Gautam in house. After become Gautam caption, any member of bigg boss house are not doing any work with Gautam and are not folowing ann decision of Gautam in the house.

It seems no one wanted Gautam made captain in the house, so any member of house not folowing any decision of captain Gautam.