First Time Ranbir Broke His Silence About Marriage With Katrina


Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s marriage news also lives into limelight. But first time Ranbir Kapoor broke his silence about marriage with Katrina Kaif.

But often that Ranbir and Katrina are reported in the media that have engaged and will marry soon. But first time Ranbir Kapoor spoke openly at all, breaking the silence about marriage with Katrina.

When asked about marriage, Ranbir said “When I and partner will be feel comfortable then we’ll get married.

Bollywood Love Birds Ranbir and Katrina are dating each other from a long time. When asked about marriage in this year Ranbir said I have not said yet. Well I am 32 years old and now I want to get married, but I’m not.

He also said, I think I am still a child. When my partner and I would feel better and comfortable, the same day we’ll get married.

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