Dirty Picture of Mallika Sherawat in Trouble


Bollywood bold Actress Mallika Sherawat embroil into a leagl case for disrespect national flag in her upcoming Bollywood film, Dirty Politics poster and it’s promoting obscene and pornography in public and Hyderabad High Court Issued a Legal Notice Against Mallika Sherawat.

Even before many times Mallika has stuk in Crisis and opposed by publics and law. But now she has embroiled herself into a legal case as she has courted controversy by draping herself with the National Flag in her upcoming movie ‘Dirty Politics’.

Earlier Mallika has gave many bold scenes in her films as film Murder, Hiss etc.  It is being said that this is a Publicity stunt to make hits.  God Know how much it is true.

Check Out PosterDirty politics

Film Dirty Politics Poster