Diandra Soares Eliminated From Bigg Boss 8 House Watch Pregnancy News


Last week no one elimination from Bigg Boss house but in this week Diandra Soares out from big boss house. But it’s very shock able news because Diandra was a very strong contestant in the house but yesterday on Sunday Diandra eliminated from big boss house.

Praneet, Pritam, Diandra, Sonali and Upen Patel was nominated for this week elimination but Praneet, Pritam, Sonali and Upen all be safe but Diandra eliminated from big boss house.

Big Boss television reality show always lives in controversies and also this time is here is very big news. According to sources, news is that, Diandra is pregnant so she eliminated from the house.

Hearing that, a close friend of Gautam Gulati in the bigg boss house, Diandra is pregnant. However, this news with flying, there are also reports of denial.

There are even reports that the Diandra went to doctor and their pregnancy test has been obtained. But this news is not confirmed but this news is very spreading.

On the other hand, a source from the sets of Bigg Boss said, last from 3-4 days was not feeling well, so he went to the hospital for routine checkup. News of her pregnancy is totally wrong.

Here is also news that. Diandra is pregnant so Salman Khan threatened to quit the the bigg boss show to Diandra.