COD Film Release Date Cast 2016 Bollywood Movie


COD is an upcoming Indian Hindi comedy film, directed by Robert Megha, produced by Satish K Samudre under banner of Passion Movies Pvt. Ltd. It features Jatin Negi, Preeti Chaudhary & Vikrant Khaire in the lead role.

The film about a jobless artist who hijacks a deal to deliver an abandoned TAXI to its dealer in order to make fortune. The film’s schedule to release in theaters in 2016.


  • Jatin Negi as a (Gokul)
  • Preeti Chaudhary as a (Hazel)
  • Vikrant Khaire as a (Amego)
  • Devendra Bhagat as a (ACP)
  • Arjun Marwal as a (Ray)
  • Omi Kashyap as a (Gunga)
  • Deepak Ogale as a (Red)
  • Vaibhav Kumbhar as a (Green)
  • Sanjeev Landge as a (Blue)
  • Naveen Sequeria as a (Yellow)
  • Amar Dixit as a (Producer)
  • Kajal Singh as a (Leena)
  • Amrish Majumdar as a (Malik)
  • Christopher Watson as a (Don Carlos)
  • Yogesh Batra (Motivator)

Directed By:- Robert Megha

Produced By:- Satish K Samudre

Release Date:- The film’s schedule to release in 2016.

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