Bigg Boss: Sonali Raut Hit A Slap To Ali Quli Mirza In House


Bigg Boss season 8 House contestant Sonali Raut strongly hit a slap to Ali Quli Mirza yesterday. Actually, Thursday was the day of the Judgment of caption Puneet. So Puneet selected to Pritam, Gautam and Upen Patel for good work reward.

However, ‘Big Boss’ held Bowl Competition between the three members, so Pritam won and made safe for the next week nomination. And Puneet selected to Gautam and Upen for punishment and told reason that they often offer feel guilty to Ali Quli Mirza.

However, during this Puneet told about Ali’s behavior towards women is not fair. And Puneet also told about between Ali and Diandra debate. On this talk Ali began to argue with Puneet.

Puneet seeing this Ali’s attitude so Puneet got very angry and standup for hit to Ali Quli Mirza but other contestants stop to Puneet.

After the clashed with Ali, Puneet told to Sonali and Upen when Lisa Haydon came home, so Ali spoke a very wrong thing about both Lisa and Sonali. And hearing this Sonali got very angry and hit a strongly slap to Ali Quli Mirza.

sonali hit slap to ali