Bigg Boss Season 7 & 8 Controversial Contestant Ajaz Khan With Hot Sexy Girls


Ajaz Khan, who came in limelight for his image as lover boy and a angry man in Bigg Boss season 7 and season 8. Ajaz Khan recently shout a photo shoot with hot & sexy girls.

Yes, Ajaz Khan looking to romancing with hot sexy girls in this latest photo shoot for his starrer upcoming film I Love Dubai.

I Love Dubai! is upcoming Bollywood action thriller comedy film written and directed by Ikram Akhtar produced by Newera Films.

Ajaz Khan is playing role as Chota Jugnu and former sexy porn star Shanti Dynamite also starring opposite Ajaz in the film. Shanti Dynamite is playing role as Zoya (Disguise Queen). The film’s schedule to release in theaters in 2015.

In this Photo shoot he seems surrounded with hot and sexy girls. His style is quite interesting. If you can see in the pictures that look like they are coming to pose among girls. While also his the rough and tough look and holed a gun in hand.

ajaz 2