Bigg Boss Season 6 Runner-Up Imam Siddique Will Soon Enter In Bigg Boss 8 House


Fashion designer and most known as Bigg Boss season 6 runner-up Imam Siddique is going to take entry in the Bigg Boss 8 house. Yes according to reports Imam will soon take entry in the house.

According to news, yesterday in the Bigg Boss house, a quarrel between Ali Quli Mirza and Azaz Khan the fight was very grown so Bigg Boss gave order to out to Ajaz Khan from the house.

And now Imam Siddique replaces with Ajaz Khan in the Bigg Boss 8 house. Imam Siddique was the runner up in the Bigg Boss season 6.

As you may know, Imam Siddique was more controversial stood in 6th season. His actions earned much TRP in the house.

A contestant on season 6 of the program, he was temporarily evicted from the show, but was readmitted, making headlines as one of the shows more notorious contestants. In the aftermath of the program, Siddique has continued receiving press for controversial claims.

And now he once again going to take entry in this season Bigg Boss house so It would be very interesting to see that how will Imam create buzz in the house.

Imam in bigg boss 8