Biapsha Basu’s Hollywood Debut Film ‘The Lovers’ Super Flop At Box Office


Bollywood hot & sexy actress Bipsha Basu’s Hollywood debut film “The Lovers” release in theaters in this week. And the film losses at the box office.

Yes according to the reports news is that Bipasha’s Hollywood debut film The Lovers was super flopped at the box office. In the US there was much criticism of the film.

The film directed by Roland Joffe. The film’s director faced increasing criticism and People advising him to go to film school again.

Bipasha Basu played role opposite Josh Hartnett in the movie. Before news was that a great friendship between Bipasha Bashu and her co star Josh Hartnett.

Bipasha is facing a longstanding failure in her starrer films success at the box office. Her starrer bollywood films like Humshakal, Creature 3D, Alone were flopped at the box office.

Bipasha Basu is facing continuously un success in the films and her Hollywood debut film The Lovers also flop at the box office.

The Lovers