The Amazing Catch In Cricket History By Georgie Pie


You will see many of whom witnessed the evolution of catches in cricket history, you will be stunned. The extra ordinary catch by New Zealand’s player Gorge Payee.

Meet the national team to play New Zealand fast bowler Adam Milne. Central Stage and Stage in the match played between Northern Nights meet Anton Devcich the mid-on off spinner Ejaz Patel caught the brilliant way to the catch.

Adam stood up to mid-on line Anton tried to shot upon Adam and ball was upon Adam, which he tried to catch, but he did not succeed the ball was assiduously his hand and ball bounced He turned back and diving and grabbed the ball.

At first glance, you will see when you catch that ball was not right and the ball touched the ground. Though it did not give the batsman was out by the third umpire. In 2012 the national team of Adam until now played 7-day and 6 Twenty20 international.

 catch 2.jpg catch 3 catch 5.jpg