Abhay Deol Will Romance With His Ex-Girlfriend


Even though was break up between Abhay Deol and his ex girlfriend Preeti Desai bur again Abhay Deol will romance with his ex girlfriend in upcoming film “Rock The Shaadi”.

Rock the Shaadi is an upcoming Bollywood zombie comedy film directed by Navdeep Singh, and starring Abhay Deol and Genelia in the lead roles. The movie has been delayed until further notice.Preeti Desai is also seen in a Cameo role in Rock The Shaadi.

Formerly the film’s name was Shaadi Of The Dead but now the film’s name has been changed into Rock The Shaadi.

The film was initially titled Shaadi of the Dead. But as per sources, producer was not satisfied about “Shaadi Of The Dead” and he was keen to have a better title before the movie’s shooting starts.

Abhay Deol’s girlfriend Preeti Desai has joined the cast of the movie in a cameo role. According to sources news is that Ekta Kapoor will be direct the film,

Sources said that the film will be produced only Ekta and directed by Navdeep ‘NH10’ after the release of the film will start shooting.

Well Preeti Desai’s role in the film is not very big & important while actress Genelia D’ Souza is palying a lead actress role in the film opposite Abhay Deol.

Abhay deol and preeti desai