Aamir Khan Will Make “Mahabharata” And Will Play Role As ‘Krishna’ Himself


Bollywood Mister Perfectionist Actor Aamir Khan will make film on ‘Mahabharata’ soon. Aamir announced for Mahabharata film making on live show set Satyamev Jayate in hotel ITC Mugal.

When asked which films were his favourite, he said: “I really value my flop films because they taught me what works and what doesn’t, which guided my future choice of films.” Aamir was the dream from the beginning of the movie they made on Mahabharata.

Aamir Khan said, My big dream is to make a film on Mahabharata and Aamir said My favourite character is Karna but I dont know if I will be able to play him due to my physique, “I may just have to play Krishna.”

Aamir said, three times have become serial on Mahabharata and all this are very good but somewhere something is reduction more needs to be something in it.